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Water has been very misunderstood by many bodybuilders over the years.

They mostly have treated it as a foe at contest time. Your body is very dependent on water as you can only live for a few days with out it. There has been so many witchdoctor tactics by so called bodybuilding experts trying to get that last minute edge in shedding water. This has more often than not led most competitors to disaster. Being a contest promoter of drug free NANBF contests, we see it every year. Competitors cutting out their water for up to two days before the contest. They go soft, flat, bloated, get dizzy spells and cannot hold there poses from being so weak and often cramping up on stage.

We have had a small number contestants not make it through the contest and a couple of them ended up spending the night in the hospital suffering from dehydration, instead of competing. We have seen so many times where non- tested athletes will look shredded two weeks out while posing at our gym and you go to the contest and they come in flat and bloated with no sign of any vascularity. It is unfortunate that some self professed steroid guru nutritional expert trainer told them to do a diuretic. By trying to get that last minute edge, their months of preparations, years of training and all the money they have spent on nutrition and supplements, is wasted.

Most of the ideas for cutting water have come from the drug using bodybuilders. Let's face it, they do everything to cut corners and if they can use another drug like a Diuretic, such as Lasix, they are going to do it. It is just their mentality. It is the mentality that since We am already using Anabolics and GH to get big, why not use a drug to look lean? Most of the time people think they are holding water when really, they are just fat. They did not do a good diet and think that it is just water. If you get down to 3-4% body fat for men and 7-9% body fat for women, We guarantee you will not need to cut out water. A last minute band-aid to cover up a lousy diet will never work.

Water is your friend! If you cut water, your body will go into a defensive mode in order to try to stay alive. Any time you deny your body an essential liquid or food, it will adjust and hold on to it. This is why if you cut water, you will look bloated and go flat. It is your body trying to stay alive. There has been numerous studies that show athletes are stronger when they are well hydrated. How many times have you seen or heard of football athletes who are carted off the field and are given an IV at half time and come back and play?

This is the only way to you should handle you water for contest: DRINK IT!!!

You should actually increase your water intake ten days before a contest to about 1 to 2 gallons a day. This will actually speed up you metabolism and help in the process of getting lean. If you drink larger than normal amounts of water it will give you a Diuretic effect. The only time you may want to reduce (We did not say stop) is after 6:00 pm the night before the contest. Just sip water until you go to bed. The next morning take a quart of water with you to the show and just drink it when you are thirsty in small amounts at a time. This will keep you well hydrated.

Water type preferably is a bottled, low salt type. Any brand will work. Do not use distilled water because it has no mineral and will stripped minerals from you body. Again, if you decrease any essential substance like minerals, the body will go into a defense mode and chances are good that you will become bloated. Without a proper mineral balance, bloating and cramping will occur.

If you follow this method and look at water as your friend, you will come into the contest full, ripped, vascular and with plenty of energy to get through the posing rounds.

Good luck!