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Skin Color

Skin color is so important. If it is not right, it may keep the judges form seeing your hard-earned leanness. Being around this sport and promoting for so many years, you see green, red and what looks to be dirty splotchy tans.

Green comes from the older solutions and fortunately, most of these are not around anymore. Red comes from using Dream Tan #1 on a light skinned person. This doesn't look too bad, but you do stick out like a sore thumb. More often than not, it tend to look fake.

Jan Tana and ProTan, once they dry out and you have worn them for awhile, will look dirty. These products will rub off and leave clear areas. Overall, looking like dirt splotches instead of a tan.

Dark Skinned - Light Black
(or any of you who tan very easily)

DreamTan #1 Red - In our opinion, this is the best! Apply one coat the night before going to bed. Let it thoroughly harden by drying for at least 30 minutes before coming in contact with clothing or other coverings. Standing under a ceiling fan can help speed up the drying time. On the morning of the contest, take a cool shower to knock off build-up and then re-apply. Give yourself one hour to apply any of these products and let them dry on you, hardening their finish.

ProTan - Apply two coats a day before the contest and then one additional coat with a light coat of Pam (Yes, the cooking pan coating spray!) morning of the contest.

Jan Tana - Same as the ProTan method.

Light Fair Skinned

Dream Tan #2 Bronze - Again the best solution! Apply as mentioned above for the Dark skinned person but add 2 - 3 layers of ProTan as your base first. For the very light skinned, you may want to use a combination of a real tan, ProTan and Dream Tan, in this order. No oil needed. Dream Tan contains very tiny glitter particles which are picked up by the stage lights.

ProTan - At least five coats. Not recommended except in combination as above. If you can tan naturally you may get by. Use Pam or a light amount of baby oil at the contest.

JanTana - You will need a fewer coats, but use the same way as ProTan. Use Pam or a light amount of baby oil at the contest.

At the contest, with the ProTan and the Jan Tana you will need to apply the Pam or an baby oil to give you a nice even shine. You do not want to look wet however as the judges will also not be able to see cuts because there is to much reflection from the stage lights. Once again, Dream Tan has very small glitter particles, which up close without lights is not noticeable. Under the lights it gives a look of light oil. Caution - do not go dry as this will keep your cuts from showing.

A few tricks to modify these products to give you a different look

ProTan - You can add Methiolate to give it little red tone if you need it. Be very careful to not use any more than half a teaspoon.

Dream Tan - To get a little more shine and keep it little more moist on your body for longer period, add about a quarter to a half teaspoon of baby oil to the jar before applying.

Always take your tanning products with you to freshen up smudges or if you are starting to dry. Add some more product or a light coat of oil before each round to freshen up your tan. Always be careful not to get it on walls or furniture at the contest, it will stain seats, walls, curtains or anything with a fabric surface. Bring towels to stand on and to clean off excesses. The promoter will love you. Wear your old sweats because these products will stain clothes and sheets. You may also want to use your old sheets for a few days at home too. The right suit Competition suits are also an area where most people should follow the basics. Dark colors are thinning and light colors make you look larger. In our opinion, always wear the darker colors. They will give the illusion of a smaller waistline. This will give you the bodybuilders coveted "X" frame look. When wearing the suit, always have it as high as you can on your hips to give you the look of a shorter torso and longer legs. Longer legs always look the best. Do not wear them like hip huggers!

To hold your suit high and in place you can use Bikini Bite by Muscle Up Products. You rub it on your suit, wait a few seconds for it to get tacky and then stick it to your skin.

When ordering your suit you must consider the fact that you are going to lose a lot of size by dieting. So order it as small as you feel you need to. Nothing looks worse than droopy suit. There are a number sources for suits and we can to get you in touch with the right supplier.

Contest Care Package

Two music tapes. Your original and a backup.
Extra tanning product.
Food. You will be there most of the morning. Most contests with an average of 50 competitors, will last 3 hours.
A back up suit. Just in case you blow a seam or stitch.
Your Competitor number for your suit. You usually get them at the morning pre-judging.
Money for pictures. You are at your best, get a picture!
An extra pair of sweats pants. If your sweats are too oily to sit in a chair without leaving a stain they may stop you from entering the facility.
Of course, the bag to carry all the above in.

Nothing is worse than competing with a better body but because of bad skin color you drop in the standings. If you follow the above guidelines you should be right on the money and appear at your very best!