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Loveland Entry Form & Event Info
John and Becky ArnoldAbout The Promoters

Owners, John and Becky Arnold have over 50 years of combined experience in health and exercise. Natural Build Fitness Inc. is dedicated to developing healthy life styles through proper nutrition and exercise.

We are a drug free site. We will only prescribe drug free nutrition and exercise methods. Becky and John are promoters for the North American Natural Bodybuilding Federation. We do not believe in the use of drugs recreational or for sports enhancement. Our site is only to promote health.

With drug free training and nutrition methods, NaturalBuildFitness.com programs may seem to be much different from the norm. There is a difference from the typical muscle magazines drug derived training methods and ideals. NaturalBuildFitness.com programs are not just for bodybuilders or athletics. NaturalBuildFitness.com is also for the person who needs to lose weight or looking to just improve their fitness level.

Becky and John's experience is your ace in the hole. Becky has been a certified trainer for over 8 years. She has been an aerobic coordinator and teacher. She also has competed in bodybuilding on and off for over 10 years. Her career highlights:

• 1994 - NPC Heart of the Midwest - 2nd place medium
• 1995 - NPC Ironman Naturally, St. Louis, MO - 1st submasters and 2nd open
• 1999 - NANBF Mo Kan - overall winner
• 1999 - NANBF USA - 1st place tall class winner

John has a BS in Physical Education and a minor in Coaching Secondary Education. He attended Northwest Missouri State University. He was football and track athlete in high school. He did resume his track career in the sprints for Northwest Missouri. After college he competed in Powerlifting placing in the top 3 in over 10 competitions. His best performance was winning the 165 lb. class with a 1213 lb. total. in the 1990 Kansas Open, a non drug tested event. His bodybuilding achievements included the following:

• 1989 - NPC Mr. Missouri, lightweight 2nd place
• 1991 - NPC Heart of the Midwest, light weight 4th place
• 1995 - Ironman Naturally, St. Louis, 3rd submasters
• 1996 - NANBF Central Midwest, 3rd Medium class
• 1997 - NANBF Southern States Classic, 1st Medium and overall winner
• 1997 - NANBF Central Midwest, 3rd submasters
• 1999 - NANBF Heartland classic, 2nd submasters and open Medium
• 1999 - NANBF USA, 2nd submasters and 2nd open Medium
• NANBF Golds Classic 2003 - 2nd Open Short, Best Poser
• NANBF Bluffs Classic 2006 - 2nd Open Short, 1st Masters & Best Poser
• NANBF USA 2006 - 5th Open Short
• NANBF Golds Classic 2007 - 4th Open, 3rd Masters 40+.
• NANBF USA 2007 - 1st Open Short ( Pro Card) & 2nd Masters 40+
• IFPA Bluffs Pro Masters Cup 2008 - 4th
• IFPA Bluffs Pro Masters Cup 2009 - 4th

We hope you feel our background will give you the confidence to join our online service. We are excited to take on any new challenge you may confront us with and help you to obtain your goals!

NANBF Southern States Classic

The purpose of The North American National Bodybuilding Federation is to provide drug tested bodybuilding events which will allow the drug free athlete to be confident they are competing against their peers. NANBF is growing by leaps and bounds. It's exciting to be part of such a dynamic organization where the competitors can compete with confidence and where the organization is run by competitive national bodybuilders. NANBF is the largest drug free organization in the Midwest and seeks to expand further into other areas of the United States. The ideal would be to unite all the ethical drug free organizations with the same goals together instead of seeing various smaller organizations throughout the U.S. Having these groups united will provide strength and most importantly a legitimate nationwide arena where drug free athletes can compete. To learn more about NANBF, check out their website at: www.nanbf.org